Computer and Network Repair

eSavior specializes in restoring computers and networks back to normal operating conditions. Do you have a computer that refuses to start up or is operating slowly? Are your devices having a hard time communicating on the network or the Internet? eSavior c​an minimize your cost of down time and quickly get you back on track. 

Technology Rescue!

eSavior is passionate about getting technology to work for you. Are you feeling frustrated because your computer or mobile device isn't operating the way it's intended? Do you wish someone would slow down and take time to help you, rather than handing you off to a document with complicated instructions to follow? eSavior will guide you back to where you want to be, and if you like, we make house calls, too! 

Data Preservation, Backup, and Recovery

Your files and photos capture priceless memories and important information. Did your valuable data get lost inside a computer that won't start up any more? Would you like to avoid recurring payments to storage providers while still providing convenient access on all your devices? eSavior can retrieve your valuable data and establish a secure private cloud on your network that ensures your information is backed up and protected from accidental or malicious harm. 

Device and Data Migration

Technology  keeps advancing and we need to move forward or risk getting left behind. Do you need to move to a newer computer, phone, or tablet and ensure that your valuable information moves along with you? eSavior can get your data onto the new platform of your choice, even if you are switching between Microsoft, Google, or Apple devices or services.

Internet Usage Monitoring and Filtering

The internet provides a gateway to a vast range of content and services, some not appropriate for use within a business or family environment. Would you like the peace of mind knowing that the internet access you provide is used in a proper manner that you define? eSavior can set up an Internet access system that allows you to control and monitor usage and also to adjust settings as family members grow up or new employees join.

Hard Disk Wiping and Hardware Recycling

eSavior values both the environment and your data privacy. Do you have an old computer laying around taking up space that you would like to reclaim? eSavior can securely wipe the data on your old hard drive and, if possible, recycle your old computer for non-profit or educational purposes. If you are a non-profit or educational organization, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to understand how we can best serve your organization's needs.

Charleston's locally owned technology rescue service!

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